Škrapi villas

Croatia is a small country. It has everything – the sea, the mountains, the plains and the forests, the rivers and the lakes. The landscape changes every couple of kilometers, and with it the architecture, the people and their dialect, the wines they drink, the food they eat and the music they enjoy. Some of these people are fast and some are slow, amongst them there are the wise and the cunning (warning: not nearly the same trait) and also the wild and the tame; a common tale. Geography creates history, which then models the people. Therefore, it is no wonder that, sometimes, the people who live in their own little worlds don’t understand each other, although they live not even a hundred kilometers apart.
In this small Croatian land there is a peninsula called Istria, which has everything as the country it belongs to. Everything is there: the sea, the hills, the plains and the rivers, the forests and the people. Everything is the same, but yet again, completely different. Here, everybody understands each other (not having to do with dialect) – here, the foreign people quickly become locals and the tourists quickly stop being the tourists. It probably has something to do with the air, the food or the wine – who could tell.
In the exact geographical center of that same Istrian peninsula, lie the Dvori od Škrapi. Although everything is close in Istria, on those short days of the late autumn or winter, or the lazy summer evenings and the cool mornings of the spring, it is good when things are at hand. On such days, the four houses of Dvori od Škrapi will journey you through the rich land of Istria. We could call them a shelter – not just from the rain, the cold or the sun, but more so from the stormy blasts of diligence, hyperactivity and the like. The more meticulous explorer will make a few more steps. The active can test their proficiency at golf, play a game of bowls or seek refreshment in the pool. Others may stumble upon the wine cellar, but be advised: drink responsibly – with moderation. Enjoy yourself whole heartedly – without moderation.