House of asparagus

The first step through the Dvori od Škrapi. With the first days of spring the wild asparagus picking commences. For the Istrian people it is more than a tradition. It is also great fun and recreation. A wonderful early spring workout before one enjoys the meal. Asparagus is valued from the days of old, also as an aphrodisiac. The old Egyptians would bury them in their tombs for the deceased to take on their final journey while the Chinese used it for medicine preparation. More importantly though, asparagus is delicious. By itself or made into a fritaja, there are as many combinations as the imagination allows. A few glasses of Malvasia will go along nicely.
There are also about as many possibilities that this house offers as a starting point of your journey through the visions, tastes and aromas of Istria. Or simply, of their enjoyment.