House of skuta

One more step of the magical journey through the Dvori od Škrapi. It is hard for the unskilled to write about the Istrian cuisine and all the delicacies it offers. They simply have to be tasted. How then, to describe all the freshness and lightness of skuta – the cottage cheese made from sheep or cow milk. A beautiful way to start the day, but also delicious with every following meal, especially if a few fresh figs are added. A slice of prosciutto (Istrian of course) is allowed.
After enjoying the beauties of the small Istrian towns, the tame hills or the busy Riviera, allow yourself a moment of rest in the calming whiteness of the Hiža od skute. A few glasses of Malvasia or of the aromatic Muscat in the secure shade of the pergola will help you sort the vast amount of the day’s impressions.