House of Fritaj

Yummy. The third step through the Dvori od Škrapi, already strengthened by the ones that preceded. Omelets and scrambled eggs are prepared almost everywhere but only Istria has the fritaja – and it has practically become a trademark. The eggs are essential and the add-ons are without end. Asparagus, truffles, bacon, leek, cheese, tomatoes, spinach, wild chicory, smoked sausages, zucchini, mushrooms and fresh garlic. In short, any ingredient you have – as long as it’s Istrian. All of that would come to nothing if you didn’t use olive oil – the liquid gold, the elixir of life, the most treasured symbol of the entire Mediterranean and Istria likewise.
As many possibilities there are in making a fritaja, you will find at least as many in the Hiža od Fritaj. It is this house that hides the wine cellar where you will taste some of the best fruit the Istrian land has to offer.