Built as a traditional Istrian rural dwelling, this spacious house possesses two balconies accessible from the bedrooms located on the first floor. If you would like to relax with the view of the carefully kept lawn, surrounded by the aromas of lavender and rosemary as well as other decorative and healing herbs planted in the garden, the large patio is at your disposal. In the summer afternoons, the pergola will provide you with the firm natural shade and the antique massive stone table will ensure that your glass of Malvasia is safe.
A special add-on to the beauty of this stone house is the unique mosaic that was handmade from stone and Murano glass pieces of different colors.
From all the houses of Dvori od Škrapi the Hiža od Šparug is probably the most indigenous of Istria, in the style it was built. Its façade and the outside staircase, both made of massive stone, represent the architecture of an old Istrian homestead, while the small windows, shielded by the wooden shutters, ensure the coolness of the house in the summer as well as preserve the warmth during the cold winter nights.